How We Give Back

Protecting vulnerable communities on the path to sustainable development


At Makaye, we are committed to building a more just, equal, and sustainable world both online and off. That starts with our normal day-to-day work of protecting our customers from cyber threats, but it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also made it our mission to protect vulnerable, developing communities and help them to break the cycle of poverty and inequity. By providing improved access to health services, and education, we can help the residents of these communities to advance their skills and build a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities

Our Story

In 2004, George Makaye was approached by his Mission Pastor with a request to join on a reconnaissance mission to Kenya. It was the first time George had returned to his native Kenya since he left in 1998. The trip “turned out to be life-changing for me,” says George. “It was a turning point experience for my life that introduced me to my mission in life.”

Seeing the poverty and inequality anew, he realized he needed to take action. Back in the U.S., he started his own successful businesses – including GXA and Makaye – knowing they would generate the resources needed to give back.

Our Work

Throughout the years, we have helped to provide access to health and education in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Swaziland, South Africa, and the United States. For that, we donate a percentage of all Makaye’s revenues to give back to vulnerable communities.

In addition to direct giving, we also partner with local nonprofit groups who are familiar with the needs of their local communities and can help us ensure our work has maximum impact. For example, we have helped to establish and staff medical camps to provide services for vulnerable communities, implement computer learning centers, and more.

Sustainable Development Projects
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Current Projects

This year, Makaye has devoted its efforts to improving the right to health and education. Through our partners, Joy Divine, Martus Foundation, Nashipai Maasai Community Projects and Girls of Tomorrow, we have contributed to promoting gender equality, permaculture programs, reproductive health rights, and technological literacy. We are proud to say that this collective effort has given fruitful results!

Project 10

During one of George Makaye’s mission trips to Kenya, he decided to partner with Joy Divine, an organization located in Nairobi — Kenya’s capital — and provide medical assistance, develop a feeding program and recreational activities for nearly 600 kids. However, George wanted to do more. He knew that education is an invaluable asset that can change your world perspective and open many doors, so he decided to create Project 10.

Project 10 consists of providing financial assistance to 10 children from vulnerable backgrounds until they graduate college. This way, they wouldn’t have to worry about covering their basic needs, such as having enough food, clothing, tuition, or a place to live. The only worry in their lives is to get good grades.

Since Project 10 started in 2015, we have had phenomenal results. Several of the kids have already graduated high school and will enroll in college soon!

Seeing how these kids — who faced so many difficulties at such a young age — will have a college degree and provide a better life for their families is beyond gratifying. This truly shows how education can change someone’s perspective and unlock so many opportunities. Empowering and believing in the potential of young people — especially those who need it the most — is the only way issues such as hunger and extreme poverty will become a distant past.

Participant Spotlight

Name: Joshua
Age: 14
How long have you been a part of Project 10?
“Project 10 started helping me since 2018”
What is your dream for the future?
“My dream is to become an archeologist”

Joshua lost his parents a decade ago. Since then, he’s been a beneficiary of Joy Divine Children’s Home and became part of Project 10 in 2018. Joshua is committed to give back to his community and has volunteered with Joy Divine to outreach homeless children. His favorite subjects at school are Business and History. When he grows up, Joshua wants to become an archeologist!

You Are Part of Our Giving Back

If you have, are currently, or ever will work with Makaye, thank you – because you have helped us to begin turning these vulnerable communities into safe havens for their residents. All of our efforts are funded through Makaye’s revenues, and that means our business customers and partners play a pivotal role.

Thank you.

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