How To Choose The Best Non-Profit Cybersecurity Company

Non-Profit Cybersecurity Company

How To Choose The Best Non-Profit Cybersecurity Company

What is cybersecurity? Cybersecurity is the security that holds and conducts the streamlined process of protecting data, devices, networks, and systems from unauthorized access and damage. The world we live in today is much more technologically advanced, and cyber crimes are arising. And with this ride in cybercrimes and cyber threats, security is no longer an option; it is necessary. So whether you are a large enterprise, a non-profit organization, or a small business, you cannot leave your important data at risk of getting stolen or damaged. 

Focusing on non-profit organizations, charities, and foundations, cybersecurity is a critical issue. But unfortunately, not many non-profit organizations can deal with these cyber threats, despite the dramatic increase in the number of cyber attacks carried out against them in less than five years. These non-profit organizations are not usually equipped with the necessary firepower, resources, expert knowledge, and budget to protect themselves sufficiently from cyber attacks. 

This has led these non-profit organizations to look towards non-profit cybersecurity companies. But as earlier said, non-profit organizations are not knowledgeable enough to pick out a non-profit cybersecurity company. That’s where we come in. We will be giving you tips on how to pick out the right non-profit cybersecurity company for your organization. So if your non-profit organization conducts:

  • e-commerce on its websites, such as processing donations or event registrations
  • Storage and transfer of “personally identifiable information” about anyone, including donors. Examples include clients’ medical information, employee records, driver’s licenses, addresses, and social security numbers.
  • Collection of information on preferences and habits of donors, patrons, newsletter subscribers, etc.

Then keep reading to get some much-needed tips on how to save your company from cyber threats and attacks. But first, what is a good non-profit cybersecurity company?

Non-profit Cybersecurity Company

What is a Good Non-Profit Cyber Security Company?

This means a company that stands for businesses that have become increasingly prominent due to the massive increase in data, digital use, and cybersecurity attacks. Cybersecurity companies play an essential role in protecting organizations from cyber threats. They also create products and develop new technologies that protect a business’s digital assets. A good cybersecurity company will provide software tools, cybersecurity assessment, protection on the endpoint, and analysis targeted at vulnerability to stop potential threats that can disrupt company operations.

We know now what a cybersecurity company is, but how does one choose a non-profit cybersecurity company that is the right fit for the organization? 

Tips on Choosing the Best Non-Profit Cyber Security Company


1. Know What You Want

The first thing to note before hiring a non-profit cyber security company is to know your organization’s requirements. Make sure to identify your organization’s security needs. It may be a need for data loss prevention or the creation of firewalls against malware attacks. Whatever the market, it is imperative to know what your organization requires a non-profit cybersecurity company for. In the case of most organizations, they are usually in search of requirements like the prevention of data loss, firewalls, solutions for anti-ransomware, detection of intrusion systems, cloud security, network security, or system security. However, when you hire one of the best non-profit cybersecurity companies, they will assist you in identifying the existing issues and problems in your IT infrastructure through proper auditing and assessment.

2. Shortlist Companies With The Best Services

You have gotten your requirements and security needs in order; now it’s time for the next step. This next step requires you to create a shortlist of the top two or three cybersecurity companies that meet your security needs. To do so, you must look at their experience and reputation in your field or niche and go through their approaches, methods, technologies, and techniques implemented in their services. You should also check for reviews on previous work they have carried out. These reviews are usually dropped by their customers on their websites. You can also read some testimonials. One other way is to contact them and ask them directly for detailed information about their services. After making all your inquiries, choose the one that has the better experience in your industry and with an established good reputation.

3. Have Good Knowledge of Their Organization

Another important tip is to know the non-profit cybersecurity company you have chosen to work with. You must be confident that they are skilled, reliable, and experienced enough to keep your activities secure and safe. Make sure to research them and their team to find some viable information. You have to ensure that each member of their team has gone through the proper training and will be able to handle any problematic situations that may arise.

4. Know Their Services

Cybersecurity companies are known to offer a wide range of services that is usually unique to them only. That is, their services may differ from other cyber security companies. So when deciding on the best non-profit cyber security companies for your organization, you must be aware of the services provided. This is because some cybersecurity companies may claim to offer some services but then prove to have given false information or lack the necessary skills to prefer those acclaimed services. So it is to your benefit that you are well informed about the services offered by the company. These services may include Data security, system security, network security, cloud security, and so on. It would help if you also remembered to consult with the company and inquire about specific details about their services, like coverage and flexibility. 

5.Reports on Performance Evaluation

Any competent non-profit cybersecurity company is expected to provide its clients with reports, analytics, and performance evaluation regularly (could be monthly or bimonthly). This ensures that you, as a client, are kept in the loop on the affairs of your organization’s security. The metrics used to evaluate performance should be discussed earlier with the company.


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