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The Makaye Cybersecurity Plan for Small Businesses:

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Makaye Protects SMBs Regardless of Size and Industry

Secure your ability to run your business, take care of employees, and keep data safe.
The fact is, too many small businesses do not take cybersecurity seriously, either because of budgetary restraints or because they are confused about how to move forward. Unfortunately, they do not understand the very real and disruptive effect a security breach can have on their strategy and goals. Unless you have an executable cybersecurity plan in place, your business is vulnerable to an attack.

Complete a Cybersecurity Maturity Level Assessment with us and get our Cybersecurity Leadership Kit for Small Business – includes all of the following:

Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance for Small Business

Today’s SMBs lack the resources to protect customers, partners, and team members.

What are you doing to protect data and maintain your reputation and trustworthiness?
For small businesses, cybersecurity may seem like a minor concern, but threats can lead to operational downtime and major disruption. The reputational damage and financial loss from customers fleeing an organization they no longer trust could jeopardize your ability to reach your business goals.
Most small businesses fail to perceive the true nature and potential impact of the threats against them, including:
Makaye can lock your digital doors against even the most cunning cybercriminals to protect your small business.

Makaye understands the business world and its challenges. Our services are tailored to your specific needs and budgetary constraints to give you the maximum possible protection. We make enterprise-grade security experts, technologies, and strategies available via economy-of-scale delivery. That way, businesses whose budgets are best spent on reaching business goals can still benefit from world-class protection. With Makaye, you can stay on track while enjoying the peace of mind of knowing you and your team, customers, and partners are well defended

What does a Cybersecurity Company cover that an IT company doesn’t?

The goal of a good IT company is to build the computer infrastructure that supports your business, and then keep it running at all times. If your technology isn’t working, then your company is likely suffering. But this is a very different focus than cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity covers so much more than IT:

Does your current IT provider or IT department help you develop cybersecurity strategy, develop cybersecurity policies, train your employees, perform simulated cyber-attacks, create a formal incident response plan, and review security features at your physical location? If the answer is no, Call Makaye Today. We are here to help.

The Makaye Commitment to Serve

It’s not right that SMBs like yours, who work hard to create products and services that improve the quality of life, should have to worry about cybercriminals getting in the way. It’s maddening to think that cybercriminals could take down your business and put everything you’ve worked hard for at risk.
That’s why we can’t let it happen.

Like you, we have a true passion for business and believe small businesses play an essential role in our local communities. Which is why we formed Makaye. SMBs that are protected from cybercriminals are able to operate without distraction, confident that their data is safe and they can protect their customers, partners, and team members.