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A Message from our Founder,

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We are committed to being a security partner you can depend on and trust.

Business, nonprofit, and local government organizations face serious cybersecurity threats in today’s digital marketplace. Most understand the need for cybersecurity, but don’t know where to start, or rely on IT providers that are not equipped to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate cyber risks.

As CEO of Makaye InfoSec, I am driven to help business, nonprofit, and local government organizations meet security compliance, protect private information and data, and keep your operations running to meet business objectives. Makaye InfoSec provides enterprise-level security solutions at SMB prices, and works with leaders to ensure organizations remain trained on best practices and the evolving nature of cyber threats.

When you hire Makaye InfoSec, you get a true cybersecurity partner. We are committed to helping you reach business goals, protect your community, and carry out your mission. We believe that it’s just not right that cybercriminals target organizations that are trying to do good in the world, which is why we provide the support you need to make cybersecurity choices that help you succeed.

It’s time to stand up to cybercriminals and secure your organization. Here’s what to do:

1. Call us today to discuss your cybersecurity concerns.

2. We will assess your cybersecurity maturity and develop a plan that keeps you safe.

3. Gain peace of mind that your customers, community members, donors, and employee data is protected.

What Is a CISSP Certification?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Not all IT professionals are cybersecurity professionals (although many will claim to be)
CISSP is the certification your organization should always require for any professional hired to perform cybersecurity services. The CISSP requires a minimum of five years cumulative paid work experience in at least two of the eight “domains” of cybersecurity (listed below). Learn more about  CISSP here.
Before you hire a cybersecurity professional, make sure that they are a verified CISSP and that the work they are performing is within their domains of expertise. True professionals take their certifications seriously, and without a CISSP certification you can’t be certain you are getting the skills you deserve.

Makaye Infosec Helps Protect Nonprofits and
For-profit Businesses with Expert
Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity for

Protect Your Mission and the People You Love

As a nonprofit leader, you have a mission and a cause that you are fighting for. You invest so much of your being into making progress and achieving visible change that makes life better for the people you serve. The last thing you want to happen is to have your organization become the victim of a cyber attack. But this is a very real possibility.



Cybersecurity for

Protect Your Company, Your Assets, and Your Brand
As a business leader, the pressure is on you to protect your company and everything you have worked so hard to build. You have customers who depend on you to provide essential products and services. You have employees who depend on you to provide a job and a living wage for their family. You have a reputation, a legacy, and a retirement strategy that you are invested in. All of these things are attached to your business and your brand. You can’t leave anything up to chance. You need to lead wisely.

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