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In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at our video series, “Cybersecurity for SMBs.”

These videos give you the information you need to start making a plan to protect your business, customers, and reputation.

What does a Cybersecurity Company cover that an IT company doesn’t?

The goal of a good IT company is to build the computer infrastructure that supports your business, and then keep it running at all times. If your technology isn’t working, then your company is likely suffering. But this is a very different focus than cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity covers so much more than IT:

Does your current IT provider or IT department help you develop cybersecurity strategy, develop cybersecurity policies, train your employees, perform simulated cyber-attacks, create a formal incident response plan, and review security features at your physical location? If the answer is no, Call Makaye Today. We are here to help.