Attention Small Businesses: Cybercriminals Want to Steal Your Data

MSPs provide IT support, but only InfoSec experts can lead a cybersecurity defense that works.

If an MSP handles your IT support, you may think cybersecurity is covered. But the truth is, cybercriminals know how to get around the basic cybersecurity features MSPs can offer.

Safeguard Your Data

Maintain Operations

Secure Your Platform and Connected Systems

Here’s the truth: MSPs provide a valuable service, but you must separate your IT from Cybersecurity.


Because cybercriminals want to steal your data.

Regardless of your size. Regardless of your industry. Regardless of your MSP …

Cybercriminals know how to bypass the simple tools most businesses use to protect computers, devices, and authorized access to data.

And here’s the thing: it’s not because cybercriminals care about your customers or want to know the secret to your success …


In most cases, cybercriminals want to steal your data for one simple reason:

They’re in the business of making money. To do that, they target businesses just like yours, find a way to access your network, and take your data hostage.

And when that happens you’ll have to pay the hackers money – cold hard money you’ve worked so hard to earn – just to get your data back.

This means that unless you can pay the bad guys what they want your business will grind to a halt. You will lose even more money. You could suffer reputational damage. You could go out of business.
The list of negative consequences goes on and on.

That’s why we can’t let it happen.

That’s why we’re absolutely committed to helping businesses fight to protect employees, customers, and intellectual property.

At Makaye Infosec, we have a plan to keep you safe.

The year you decided to run your business your way. Without the constant threat from criminals looking to do you harm.

Because let’s face it: Times are tough. The last thing a business needs right now is a cybersecurity attack.
With the pandemic, it’s hard enough to make sure your businesses stays healthy. It’s hard enough just to keep up with all of your tasks and responsibilities to the people you care about.

Identify Threats

Train Staff

Implement Solutions

Make 2021 the year you took control of cybersecurity.

The year you decided to run your business your way. Without the constant threat from criminals looking to do you harm.

We’ve made it easy to get started. Here’s what to do:
Complete the form to access a checklist. See exactly where you're vulnerable

Following these three steps will keep your business safe and tell the bad guys to go away.

You’ll show your employees, customers, and partners that you know how to handle cybersecurity and cement your reputation as a strong leader.
And most importantly, 2021 will be the year your business thrives – instead of having to pay some cybercriminal money you’ve worked too hard to lose.

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