Month: July 2022

Ransomware attacks

Top Five Ransomware Attacks So Far in 2022

Top 5 Ransomware Attacks In 2022 So Far 2022 is almost halfway through, and there have been quite a number of ransomware attacks; it’s not looking like something that’ll slow down anytime soon. Now that we are in the middle of the year, we would like to show you the top five ransomware attacks that have affected government organizations and businesses globally. The idea of talking about these attacks is to let you know about them and look more into the intentions and strategies so that we can all be more aware of how dangerous they can be and prepare against them. Ransomware strains are pretty similar to that of the coronavirus as they do not stop evolving and mostly become pernicious as time passes. This year, we’ve seen the emergence of several new RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) gangs like Black Basta, Onyx, Mindware, and also the return of one of the most dangerous ransomware attacks operations in the world, REvil. All organizations need to invest in ransomware mitigation and readiness if they want to protect themselves from the high cost of ransomware attacks – both reputational and monetary. Below is a quick glance at the five main ransomware attacks that we’ve